Lip Balm vs. Lip Gloss: Understanding the Difference

Winter weather can wreak havoc on your skin, especially your lips. That’s why having a good lip balm or lip gloss in your beauty arsenal is essential. But which one should you choose? Lip balm or lip gloss? Let’s break it down.

What is Lip Balm?

Lip balm is a wax-like substance that helps soothe and protect your lips from the elements. It usually has a waxy consistency and is solid at room temperature. Lip balms typically come in tubes or small pots and can be applied with your fingers or a lip brush.

What is Lip Gloss?

Lip gloss is a liquid or semi-liquid product that adds shine and color to your lips. It usually has a slippery, gel-like consistency and comes in tubes with doe-foot applicators. Some lip glosses also have shimmer or glitter for added effect. Now that we know the basics let’s compare the two products in more detail.

Lip Balm vs. Lip Gloss: the Features

Regarding features, there are some critical differences between lip balm and lip gloss. For starters, you can buy crystal clear lip gloss in Dallas that provides hydration and protection from the elements, while lip gloss provides shine and color. Lip balm contains ingredients like beeswax, essential oils, and Shea butter that help to soothe dry lips, while most lip glosses don’t contain these nourishing ingredients. As a result, lip balm is often better for people with dry lips, while lip gloss is better for people with healthy lips who want to add extra shine and color.

Lip Balm vs. Lip Gloss: the Differences

In addition to the different features, they offer, lip balms and lip glosses also have critical differences in texture, scent, flavor, and price. Texture: As we mentioned earlier, lip balms are usually solid at room temperature, while lip glosses are liquid or semi-liquid. It means that lip balms have a thicker consistency than lip glosses. Scent: Most lip balms have little to no scent, while lip glosses often have sweet or fruity scents. If you’re searching for a product with a specific scent, you’re more likely to find it in a lip gloss than in a lip balm since there are more scented lip gloss options on the market than scented lip balms. Flavor: Similar to scent, lip glosses come in various flavors (from fruity to minty), while most lip balms are flavorless. Lip gloss is the choice if you want your lips to taste and look good. Price: In general, lip glosses are more expensive than lip balms since they provide more benefits (color, shine, etc.). However, there are also high-end lip balms on the market that can be just as pricey as some lip glosses.


Gimme Kisses sells the best of both worlds, affordable high-end lip glosses, and lip balms. Our verdict? A hydrating lip balm with a touch of color or lip gloss with added benefits like hydration, depending on your needs! Contact us to buy glitter lip gloss online in Dallas.
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