Choosing The Best Lip Gloss For Your Skin Tone

Choosing The Best Lip Gloss For Your Skin Tone

Lip gloss has made a huge comeback. Everyone wants to make their lips look as full and juicy as possible. There are several varieties of lip gloss sets in the market. You can also find quality and healthy lip gloss for kids and adults. If you want to hop on this trend, it may be difficult finding the best lip gloss that suits you perfectly. Lucky for you, this article contains the information you need to help you shop for the perfect lip gloss.

Lip Gloss VS Lipstick

Both of these products are applied on the lips, but there are some key differences that set them apart. Here are three ways to differentiate between both products.

  • Texture: When it comes to texture, both products are very different. Lipstick is pretty heavy, thick, textured, and heavily colored. It can be glossy, matte, shiny, or silk. Lip gloss, on the other hand, is usually liquid, lightweight, and moist. It adds moisture to the lip, while lipstick adds color.
  • Coverage: When compared to lip gloss, lipstick has better coverage on the lips than gloss.
  • Long-lasting: Lip gloss wears off pretty quickly, while most lipsticks are designed to stay as long as possible on your lips.

The whole point of lipstick is to moisturize your lips and protect it from damage.

How to Pick the Right Lip Gloss for You

Lip gloss is a liquid or semi-liquid product that adds shine and color to your lips. It usually has a slippery, gel-like consistency and comes in tubes with doe-foot applicators. Some lip glosses also have shimmer or glitter for added effect.

Now that we know the basics let’s compare the two products in more detail.

  1. Decide how you want to apply your lip gloss

Lip gloss can be used on bare lips, with lip liner, or on top of lipstick to give it a glossy finish. The first step is deciding why you need a lip gloss. You get a soft-textured gloss with vitamin E and Shea butter if you need your lips dehydrated or one with a bit of color to complement your natural lip color.

  1. Ask for help from retail assistants

If you are shopping at a local cosmetic store, retail or shop assistants can be of great help. Many of them are trained professionals and can help you select the best lip gloss for your face.

  1. Choose a flavor

Shopping for lip glosses can be pretty interesting. They come in different flavors like grape, cherry, peppermint, spearmint, and strawberry. It is best to decide on a flavor before you start shopping. If you don’t like flavored gloss, you can opt for the unflavored clear lip gloss. Try out all your options to know what works.

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